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Pricing Simplified

Because we don’t believe in smallprint, hidden fees or complicating your business life.


Do I need my own hosting?
Nope! All our Coursair plans include secure hosting on your own subdomain. We’ll even provide you with your own link to easily share and start promoting your courses.
What technical skills do I need to set up a course?
None! All you need to worry about is your own field of expertise, and let us handle the tech-side of things. You send us your individual lessons or modules (in PDFs, videos, PowerPoints or however you would like to present it), then we’ll handle uploading everything to the site and making sure everything looks great!
Do I need to have my content done before I start?
Yes, you do.  Coursair is really designed for people who have content but don’t know what the next step would be to monetize it or get it online. At some future date, perhaps, we may offer a service to help people develop courses.
Is my content safe? Are people going to steal it?
We use the same standards of security for our (and your) content that is used by Amazon and other Fortune 500 companies. Without getting too techy, it would be really, really hard to steal your content.

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