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Full List of Features

Because when it comes to your content, you deserve the very best.

Simple Pricing
We believe in simple and upfront pricing.  Too often our clients tell us that they can’t figure out exactly what they’re being charged for on other sites – this much if the customer found you from your promotions, that much if they found you on a marketplace, and another amount if they were referred more than 8 days ago. No more.

Our simple pricing plan is this: One time $995 set up fee and $150/mo.

Responsive Design
Coursair is a fully responsive platform, allowing your customers and users to learn on any device at any time, without having to deal with tiny text or videos that don’t display right on their iPhones.  With nearly 50% of internet traffic coming from mobile devices, we’ve designed Coursair to just work on all devices.
Data & Analytics
The Coursair system allows you to track all your customers and where they are in their courses.
Custom Design & Branding
No longer will you or your users feel like they’re using a third party software just “stuck” onto your site. We aim to provide a seamless experience for the user, so they feel safe, their data secure, and allowing you to leverage the brand you’ve worked so hard to build.
Video, Audio, & PDFs
Our system is designed to be capable of handling virtually any type of file to be able to reach all types of learners. Use videos, audio files, and/or PDFs to reach your customers – whichever way they learn best.
Secure Content Hosting
Your content is safe on Coursair and cannot be downloaded unless you decide to allow it.  While no one can promise perfect protection, we use the same technology that Amazon and other Fortune 500 companies use to keep their content safe and avoid piracy – so users can still learn from your content, but not steal it.
Content Dripping
Keep your customers from being overwhelmed by utilizing content dripping – opening up access to new content slowly. This not only improves performance, but also lowers burnout, and improves your students’ results (and likelihood of following through).  This also decreases the likelihood and incidents of fraudulent refund requests (where a user buys the course, downloads all the content immediately, then asks for a refund).
Other Features
We have a myriad of other features available such as: Course Progress Meters, Course Badges and Certificates to award users for finishing courses, and Course Participant list (as a user, see who else is participating in courses with you). Several other features are available upon request and are optional but do not add to the cost of Coursair.