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Sell Your Expertise

Coursair was designed for people like you–to help you leverage your time and monetize your knowledge.

Train Your Team

Coursair can help you seamlessly on-board employees, saving you time and money.

Online Courses & Learning, Simplified

Welcome to Coursair–it’s smooth sailing from here.

About Us

Coursair originated because we saw a need for a simplified process for online courses and learning.

Many individuals and businesses want to create online courses, but don’t know where to start – they need the software, the platform, the system to actually run the courses. We’ve run into countless experts in a variety of fields who have the knowledge, but no real avenue to share it with the world.

Welcome to Coursair. We’re here to help businesses and individuals take back the wheel. We have the platform and technical expertise to help simplify the world of online courses.

Don’t worry, it’s smooth sailing from here.

Sell Your Expertise

Train Your Team